Thing 5: Tidbits of Knowledge from My RSS

I enjoyed perusing the articles on my Google Reader.  A couple of entries spoke right to my heart.  The advice given by Dave Andrade in his article 5 Tips for Success – in school, business and in life provides words of wisdom we should share with our students and model in our everyday lives.  Along the same theme, Dwight Carter shares with the graduates of his high school Parting Words of Wisdom. This message was created based on the principles of a character education program currently implemented in his school.  After looking further, I am interested in starting something similar to Project Wisdom.

Thank you Mr. Carter for reminding me of how I should live my life each day.

Remember to say “please” and “thank you.”
Gentlemen, open the doors for women and the elderly.
Ladies, be a lady… at all times.
Leave things better than the way you found them.
Stay current with events in your community and the world by reading.
Learn something new…. every day.

Forgive others and forgive yourself… often.
At times you will fail, but “no failure is ever fatal and no success is ever final.”
You are always being interviewed. Be mindful of what you say, how you dress, and how you treat others. You never know who is watching or listening.
“Pause before you post.” What you post on Facebook, Twitter, or other social sites is always public.
Take advantage of the technology that is at your disposal, but the best form of communication is voice to voice or face to face.
Take some time to unplug and connect with those closest to you.
Take advantage of each day you are given, for life is truly a gift.

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