RSS Reading Habit – Thing 6

I found it interesting to skim the blogs in my reader for articles that might be beneficial for me as an administrator and for teachers in our building.  In Connected Principals, the blog entry, What My Students Taught Me, by Justin Tarte,  he presents 10 lessons he has learned from his students that  are inspiring as I prepare to start a new school year.  A second blog entry that I read has what I refer to as real “meat and potatoes” use. Richard Byrne in Free Technology for Teachers posted a blog  Teachers Tools for Creating Passwords.  How many times do we have to create a new password!  This site offers several tools to do the job for you.

Time is limited for all, so it is important to be able to read only that which will be useful.  While I have a bit more time during the summer to read and the fact that reading the articles in my reader is required at this point, I question whether or not it will be something I do on a regular basis during the school year due to time constraints.  Yes, information found is interesting and can be useful, but what do I not do in order to make time to read?  That will be one of my personal challenges this year.  I think one the word, catawampus from Word of the Day describes many of the days I have, so perhaps adding another activity won’t change life that much.

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